Botox for Migraines and Chronic Headaches – Look Good Feel Good!

Botox for Migraines and Chronic Headaches

Botox for Migraines: Most people think that botox injections are only to make you look like you have fewer wrinkles, but thankfully, botox can actually make you feel better at the same time, people who suffer from migraine headaches found that they had less migraine attacks after having botox injected into their foreheads.

This botulinum toxin is most famous for being used to smooth out our wrinkles was approved by the FDA in 1989 to use to treat eye muscle disorders, later it was widely used for more cosmetic treatments.

Botox works by weakening or even paralyzing muscles in your body and head, this intern slows the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine (Ach). These neurotransmitters give a signal from and to the nerves, which cause muscle contraction stopping the muscles from relaxing which cause wrinkles.

These neurotransmitter acetylcholine sedate and excite the nerve-endings its ability to suppress the excitability may be the help people with migraine headaches.

One of the theories on causes of migraine headaches is that you get a cascade of nerve excitement and this agitates the arteries in your brain, which stimulates any nerve ending, this inflames the arteries, and a vicious circle starts!

Botulinum toxin is produced by spoiled food, and when it is used medically, the toxin is injected only into the muscles and the amount is not large enough to be able to get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Botox for Migraines: As with most prophylactic migraine treatments, botox injections could take quite a few weeks to start becoming effective.

Botox has been PROVEN EFFECTIVE in reducing migraine headaches for 60-90% of participant studies.

Botox for Migraines: Injections ideally should be administered at 3-month intervals and any of the effects should last for up-to 13 weeks.

Botox for Migraines and Having FDA Approval

At the time of writing botox for migraines and headaches is not FDA approved as a migraine treatment.

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