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The migraine condition affects more than 12% of the western population with more than two thirds of sufferers being females. There has been much discussion over the possible influence of hormones in triggering and causing the migraine problem, but there are still no conclusive medical findings which can clearly define the causes and processes of migraines.

It is known that migraines are usually associated with particular ‘sensitivities’ in individuals to foods, environmental factors or emotional states. When these individuals are exposed to their particular sensitivities, it is thought that the release of a hormone called serotonin may be the cause of the migraine onset.

Studies have thus suggested that since it is not clear that migraines have a definite cause which makes an individual proned to the sudden release of the hormone serotonin, migraines are best treated using both symptomatic and also preventative medications.

Doctors with migraine patients will often prescribe several medications for migraines which may include Triptans, Beta-Blockers and also OTC and prescription pain-killers. Migraine patients will also often be advised to take supplements of magnesium and co-enzyme Q10 and also riboflavin to help combat the onset of migraines and the intensity of the attacks.

Other options for migraine sufferers wishing to escape their condition include regular exercise, healthy eating, herbal supplements, with butterbur & feverfew being the most effective herbal remedy commonly known.

Also acupuncture, massage, chiropractic and other general well-being therapies can assist in the treatment of the condition.

Migraines are a lifestyle condition. The migraine condition is still a very mysterious illness and it has not been around forever.

People living in more primitive cultures or cultures with a more wholistic understanding of human needs, do not suffer any incidences of the migraine condition.

Migraines are brought on by lifestyle choices which deviate from the normal human standards which our bodies expect. Our bodies want us to exercise every day, to get stronger, stay active, eat healthy foods and clean water and to stay in environments that are hospitable with clean air and good, supportive relationships with other people. Unfortunately the advances of technology and industry seem to have forgotten about some of the most basic human, instinctual and biological needs.

Most people today have poor nutrition, don’t drink enough clean water, don’t exercise at all, sit in an office for hours of the day with compromised posture and again sit in front of the TV for hours each day, mesmerized by the cathode-ray monitor which spits out ionized electrons into their living environment.

This description is only the beginning of a wide host of problems which are contributing to higher rates of illness in our society and even newly formed illnesses such as diabesity, leukemia, Parkinson’s disease and many others. If you want to say NO to migraines in your life, then live a balanced lifestyle.

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Excedrin Migraine 300 Capsules

Excedrin Migraine: Noticeable Pain Reduction in 30 Minutes!


Butterbur Extract is Found to Reduce Migraine Attacks!

Two New Studies Demonstrate Effectiveness Of Butterbur Extract To Prevent Migraine Headaches in Both Adults and Children
New York – February 23, 2005 – Two new research studies using an over the counter herbal extract from Butterbur, give new hope to the estimated 28 million Americans who regularly suffer from debilitating migraine headaches.

A new study to be published in the March 2005 issue of the journal Headache, finds that 77 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 17, taking a non-prescription extract of petasites hybridus root (manufactured under the brand name Petadolex), had the number of migraine attacks reduced by 50 percent or more.

Butterbur Extract for Adults & Children!

After four months of treatment, the number of overall migraine attacks was cut by 63 percent and when the children did experience a migraine, 66.7 percent of the younger children (ages 6-9) and 61.1 percent of the adolescents (ages 10-17) found the headaches were of shorter duration than without treatment.

A second study recently published in the journal Neurology (Vol, 63, Issue 12) found similar results in adults who were prohylactically treated with Petadolex. The double blind, placebo controlled study, conducted by research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, followed 245 adults with a history of migraine. Taking 150mg a day of Petadolex significantly reduced the number of migraine attacks by 48 percent (compared to 26 percent among those taking a placebo). More than two thirds of patients taking Petadolex experienced a 50 percent or greater reduction in the number of migraines they experienced.

Dr Richard Lipton, vice chairman and professor of Neurology at Albert Einstein School of Medicine and senior author of the study, said, “Our study shows that butterbur really does reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, so it’s a welcome addition to the therapeutic arsenal we have to combat migraine.”

A patented unique preparation of the traditional butterbur extract sold under the brand name Petadolex was used in both trials. Standardized to contain a minimum of petasins, the extract is manufactured by Weber and Weber, a phytomedicine company with a worldwide reputation for developing high-quality herbal remedies used to successfully treat a wide variety of ailments for more than 50 years.

Butterbur extract has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Previous research and clinical use of the special butterbur root extract has shown that it has a high safety profile. There were few side effects from butterbur in the new clinical trials; the most commonly observed being mild gastrointestinal symptoms.

According to the National Headache Foundation, upwards of 45 million Americans suffer chronic, recurring headaches, significantly more than the 33 million sufferers of asthma, diabetes and coronary heart disease combined. Of these, 28 million suffer from migraines annually. Moreover, it is estimated that industry loses 50 billion dollars per year due to absenteeism and medical expenses caused by headache. The Foundation estimates that migraine sufferers lose more than 157 million workdays each year.

Consumers looking for more information about Petadolex and butterbur extract, you can go to our Petadolex review page


Non-Addictive Medication Recognized as Safe for Migrainers

Mayo Clinic, Albert Einstein Medical School, Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Ford Institute Among Those Prescribing the Medication to Patients

This article was written in December 29, 2004 for

Carla could feel a migraine coming on. It started with nausea and a sense of flashing lights behind her eyes. She knew it wouldn’t be long before the intense throbbing in her temple began. With reluctance she called in sick to work, knowing that her frequent absences due to migraines would affect her chances for promotion.

Carla had tried all the prescription and over-the-counter migraine remedies, and nothing had worked well. She knew they wouldn’t this time either. So she did the only thing she ever could do when the migraine hit full force. She returned to bed and lay in her darkened room, waiting for the pain to pass.
Over 25 Million Americans Suffer from Migraines

Carla’s situation is not unique. In fact, she is one of an estimated 25 million Americans who suffer from debilitating migraine headaches. For migraine sufferers the symptoms can include partial vision loss, nausea, a pounding in the head or jaw, sensitivity to light and noise, and an inability to function at work and home. Migraine headaches cost the United States economy over $11 billion each in terms of lost workdays, according to an article in Archives of Internal Medicine (1999).

Conventional drugs prescribed by physicians for migraines can sometimes alleviate the symptoms, however they rarely eliminate them completely and are effective only on some patients. Furthermore, they can be addictive and often cause serious side effects such as depression, weight gain and hair loss.
New Treatment Focuses on Migraine Prevention

A new option now offers migraine sufferers a preventive solution. Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps, manufactured by the well-respected German pharmaceutical company Weber & Weber, has been a medication prescribed by doctors throughout Europe for over 30 years. Only recently has it become available in the U.S. It can be purchased without a prescription at most independent health food stores and on the Internet. An all-natural medication made from the Butterbur plant, it is taken prophylacticly to prevent migraines.

Steven Silberstein, MD Professor of Neurology at Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia stated, “From a cost point of view, preventive therapy is actually a cost benefit.” Patients save an average of $1,321.27 per year when using preventive medications like Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps for migraines versus acute prescription medications for migraine episodes. Outpatient visits for migraine treatment declined by 51 percent and emergency room visits decreased by 82 percent when patients took preventive medication for their migraines, according to Headache magazine (2003).

Taken prophylactically, Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps costs $41-$74 per month for the average migraine sufferer. Other migraine medications average $118-$159 per month.
The Clinical Data is Compelling

Patients who took Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps for a minimum of two weeks noticed a lesser frequency of migraines and a reduction in pain intensity when they did get a headache. In a double-blind study published in Neurology (2004), researchers gave migraine sufferers a daily dose (100 mg or 150 mg) of Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps or a placebo for 16 weeks. Seventy-one percent of the patients on the higher dose reduced the number of migraines and the severity of migraines they did get by at least 50 percent.

In a double-blind study published in the European Journal of Neurology (2004), 60 patients with migraines took 50 mg of Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps or a placebo twice daily. The Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps group had 62 percent fewer migraine days than usual after just 12 weeks, while the placebo group dropped only 20 percent.

Both studies were carried out in strict accordance with standards established by the International Headache Society and Good Clinical Practice. Furthermore, it was found that Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps was well tolerated and safe. The most frequent side effects reported were mild gastrointestinal events (burping, mild stomach pressure but no gastritis), Headache (2003), and no known drug interactions have been found.
Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps Gains Support from Major Hospitals and Physicians

Many highly-regarded institutes have begun recommending Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps to their patients. Among them are the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Albert Einstein Medical School and the Ford Institute.

Richard Lipton, MD, Professor of Neurology at Albert Einstein Medical School and past-President of the American Headache Society, a leading U.S. neurological group, said that the early research looked very encouraging. “Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps is a promising new preventive strategy for migraine sufferers,” he said.

Mark Stillman, MD, at Cleveland Clinic Foundation said, “Studies of preventive medication are lacking. Recent studies of Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps demonstrate it to be a promising addition to the preventive management of migraine headaches.”
Widely Available Without a Prescription

Because Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps is a non-prescription medication here in the U.S., it is available in GNC, Vitamin World Stores, independent health food stores, on the Internet and directly from the manufacturer. Weber & Weber, is a highly-respected, German-based international pharmaceutical company founded in 1953. For more information on Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps and Weber & Weber


New Evidence 1998 Butterbur a Natural Solution to Migraine

Company Press Release for Butterbur, December 1998 Migraine effects approximately 14% of women and 7% of men. Current treatments do not cure the disease, they only treat or help prevent its symptoms. A migraine attack is more than just a headache. It is a neurological and vascular disease. The disease can also cause nausea and […]

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Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps Helps Greatly Reduce Migraines

MIGRAINE SUFFERERS NOW HAVE SAFE, NEW OPTIONS FOR RELIEF New All-Natural Drug Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps Helps Greatly Reduce Migraine Episodes Presented at American Headache Society Meeting A new, all-natural drug, prescribed for years throughout Europe, offers migraine sufferers a solution. Debilitating onsets of migraine headaches affect 23 to 26 million Americans, causing partial vision loss, […]

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Migraine Sufferers Now Have Safe, New Options for Relief

Herbal Prophylactic Drug Presented at American Headache Society Meeting


WHO: Migraine sufferers in the United States seeking relief through alternative means.

WHAT: A new, all-natural drug offers migraine sufferers a solution. Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps, prescribed for years throughout Europe, has ingredients extracted from the Butterbur plant. Manufactured by Weber & Weber the phytopharmaceutical is taken prophylactically to help migraine sufferers prevent the onset of the incapacitating headaches.

Patients take Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps for a minimum of four weeks before migraines are apparent. The drug is designed to lower the frequency and pain intensity of migraines, not treat the acute conditions associated with migraine. Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps should be taken as a part of phytopharmaceutical migraine therapy.

Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps has been tested and used in Europe for many years, and is extremely popular. In 1996, Werner Grossman, MD, a professor at the University of Munich in the department of Neurology and Pharmacology in Germany, conducted a study of Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps. The study, carried out in strict accordance with standards established by the International Headache Society and Good Clinical Practice, compared Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps use to a placebo. An American trial is underway and results are expected by year-end.

Results indicate that the Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps group had significantly fewer attacks, fewer migraine days, less pain intensity and shorter duration of attacks than those taking the placebo. The study revealed that the drug has no known side effects.

Richard Lipton, MD, president of the American Headache Society, indicates early research looks positive for US migraine sufferers. “Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps is a promising new preventative strategy for migraine sufferers,” he states.

WHERE: Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps is available in select pharmacies, health food stores, through the Weber & Weber web site, and in some shopping malls.

WHY: Debilitating onsets of migraine headaches affect 23 to 26 million Americans, causing partial vision loss, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, and an inability to function at work and home. Migraine headaches cost the United States economy over $11 billion each year in terms of lost workdays.

Conventional drugs are often prescribed by physicians to alleviate the symptoms caused by migraine, but many times are very expensive, have severe side effects and sometimes are not effective.

For years, migraine sufferers have been searching for alternatives to alleviate their headache pain through lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, stress reduction and increased sleep. Other options sufferers look to are all-natural products found in plants, minerals and animals – a homeopathic approach.

BACKGROUND: Weber & Weber is a highly-respected German-based pharmaceutical manufacturer started in Germany in 1953. Since the company’s founding, it has grown and expanded to the United States. An abstract by Alexander Mauskop, MD is reported in the May, 2000 issue of the journal Headache, Vol. 40; Issue 5; pg. 420

FOR MORE INFORMATION: For more information on Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps and Weber & Weber, please visit booth 8 at the American Headache Society meeting,


Butterbur Herbal Extract

A placebo controlled clinical study using Petadolex

Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps (Standardized Butterbur Extract) Der Freie Arzt, Nr. 3 May/June 1996 Migraine Prophylaxis with a phytopharmaceutical remedy: The results of a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study with Petadolex Gelcaps™ Werner Grossman, Professor at the University of Munich, Dpt. of Neurology and Pharmacology, Germany Migraine is a syndrome generally characterized by a paroxysmal and […]

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International Team of Researchers Find Herbal Extract to Be Effective in Preventing Migraines

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine INTERNATIONAL TEAM OF RESEARCHERS FIND HERBAL EXTRACT TO BE EFFECTIVE IN PREVENTING MIGRAINE December 2004 BRONX, NY — An herbal extract offers considerable help in preventing migraine headaches, according to an international research team led by Dr. Richard B. Lipton of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The extract […]

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