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Headache Causes: Colors, Hair gel and Bad Teeth!

Practice yoga. It sounds simple, but it really does work.

Try to keep from getting too frustrated, whether it is caused by work, taking care of the kids, or other factors. When you feel yourself loosing control, take a step back and take 10 deep breaths. Frustration can easily bring on a tension headache.

Colors too have an impact. The colors around you can have an impact on the way your mind works. This is especially true when it comes to the rooms you move about in. Red and orange are clearly not the most suitable colors for your bedroom and the living room. It is better to go for light pastel shades or dark soothing

Bad teeth can cause headaches. If you have a tooth infection that is left untreated there is a very good chance that the pain will go on to the rest of your head. Never take a bad tooth lightly. Get the help of your dentist as

soon as you feel that there is something wrong with your teeth. If you let it be you are facing a high risk of developing a headache that just won’t go away.

If the bad tooth is in the upper jaw bone, you have a greater chance of getting a headache.

Headache Causes: The wrong sitting posture can result in a headache. If you do not sit properly when you are working you could crap the muscles of your neck and shoulders. Remember that if the muscles of you neck are cramped it will result in a headache. The following tips will hap you to get the correct posture

Never slouch in your chair.

Try to sit as erect as possible.

Instead of bending over, try to hold whatever you have to do up so that your neck is straight.

Try and get a writing board and put your work on this board.

Sit back on your chair and prop writing board on your chest supporting it on the edge of the table. In this way you can sit and do your work.

If you find you continue to have bad posture, you may consider buying a lumbar support pad, a doughnut hole or other devices designed to make you sit correctly. These are available in office stores and medical supply stores.

Headache Causes: Remove hair gel before you go to bed. Hair gel may be give you that great look but take care to remove it from your hair before you go to bed. Not only is it bad for your hair to have it on for to long, but it is all chemicals and it is bad for you to sleep all night inhaling these chemicals and the mild perfume that most hair gels have.

Hair gel also has the effect of sealing off all the pores on your scalp. So in the night, the skin on the scalp of your head cannot breathe and this is bad for your head.

If you use glasses or contacts, check your eyes periodically. Once you develop a defect with your vision it is a very good thing to get yourself tested at least once every six months.

If you have a family history of poor eyesight get yourself examined periodically. Most vision defects are hereditary so if one of your parents started using glasses at an early age, there is 25% chance that you might have the same problem as well.

Headache Causes: Avoid stuffy rooms. Stuffy rooms mean that obviously there is not enough air in the room. If the room smells musty too it is a good idea to get out f the room or open all the windows and doors and let the fresh air come in.

It is also not good for you to sleep in a room that does not have proper ventilation. Even if the A/C is turned on, try to also turn on the fan to circulate the air.

Dip cotton in iced water and apply it on your forehead. This is a way of soothing a sore head. But do not leave on the cotton for too long.

Or if you have had a particularly bad day you could try applying an ice bag to your head. But again, remember that objective is to cool your head and not to chill it so do not apply the ice bag for too long.

DO NOT skip meals and go about hungry. Eat at fixed times. Hunger is the worst enemy of a person who is prone to migraine attacks. When you miss meals or have meals at times other than normal, you are actually depriving your body of the much needed energy. The body will seek out alternative measure that is it will start working on fat reserves but the fats cannot be easily converted to sugars which the body desperately needs. So when the body does not get what it wants, the cells get deprived of energy and this manifests itself in the form of a headache.

If you have a sinus problem, blow your nose often. Blowing your nose helps to get rid of the mucus that accumulates in the sinuses. It is better if you can blow your nose after a steam inhalation.

It is also a good idea to water rinse your nose. This is a very effective way of clearing your sinuses and saving your self from a bout of dust allergy as well. All you have to do is cup your hand and hold a little bit of water in it.

Dip you nose in and inhale the water very gently. The water must only ascend the passage of your nose and must not go any further. You can control the ascent of the water by controlling your breath.

After this breathe out and let the water out. Repeat this a couple of times. You might snort the first two or three times but after that you will soon get the hang of it.

Take a 20 minute power nap during your lunch break. You will wake up refreshed and without as many worries.

Headache Causes: Conclusion

Headaches are apart of our lives. Knowing how to prevent them helps us not have to deal with them as often. I hope this book has helped you, and will show you how to prevent future headaches!

Here’s to FEWER headaches!

Liz Tomey http://www.FreeHealthy.com Headache Causes.

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