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Preventing Headaches Caused By Alcohol

Quit drinking if it is a habit. Reduce your alcohol consumption to only 2 – 3 glasses a week. If headaches persist, try to quit completely.

Tips on how to avoid a hangover headache. A hangover usually sets in after the consumption of alcohol.

The following tips can help you avoid a hang over headache.

Bullet The hangover headache is usually the result of dehydration so if you increase your intake of water, you can keep a hangover headache at bay.

Bullet Dilute your drink with water instead of soda. The more water you take in, the better.

Bullet Never start drinking on an empty stomach drink a glass of milk one or two hours before you leave for the party.

Bullet Munch on snacks while you are drinking.

Bullet Cheese is good to prevent a hangover headache.

BulletFor ever ounce of alcohol that you consume, make it a point to consume a glass of plain water…

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