Migraine Sufferers Now Have Safe, New Options for Relief

Herbal Prophylactic Drug Presented at American Headache Society Meeting


WHO: Migraine sufferers in the United States seeking relief through alternative means.

WHAT: A new, all-natural drug offers migraine sufferers a solution. Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps, prescribed for years throughout Europe, has ingredients extracted from the Butterbur plant. Manufactured by Weber & Weber the phytopharmaceutical is taken prophylactically to help migraine sufferers prevent the onset of the incapacitating headaches.

Patients take Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps for a minimum of four weeks before migraines are apparent. The drug is designed to lower the frequency and pain intensity of migraines, not treat the acute conditions associated with migraine. Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps should be taken as a part of phytopharmaceutical migraine therapy.

Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps has been tested and used in Europe for many years, and is extremely popular. In 1996, Werner Grossman, MD, a professor at the University of Munich in the department of Neurology and Pharmacology in Germany, conducted a study of Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps. The study, carried out in strict accordance with standards established by the International Headache Society and Good Clinical Practice, compared Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps use to a placebo. An American trial is underway and results are expected by year-end.

Results indicate that the Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps group had significantly fewer attacks, fewer migraine days, less pain intensity and shorter duration of attacks than those taking the placebo. The study revealed that the drug has no known side effects.

Richard Lipton, MD, president of the American Headache Society, indicates early research looks positive for US migraine sufferers. “Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps is a promising new preventative strategy for migraine sufferers,” he states.

WHERE: Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps is available in select pharmacies, health food stores, through the Weber & Weber web site, and in some shopping malls.

WHY: Debilitating onsets of migraine headaches affect 23 to 26 million Americans, causing partial vision loss, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, and an inability to function at work and home. Migraine headaches cost the United States economy over $11 billion each year in terms of lost workdays.

Conventional drugs are often prescribed by physicians to alleviate the symptoms caused by migraine, but many times are very expensive, have severe side effects and sometimes are not effective.

For years, migraine sufferers have been searching for alternatives to alleviate their headache pain through lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, stress reduction and increased sleep. Other options sufferers look to are all-natural products found in plants, minerals and animals – a homeopathic approach.

BACKGROUND: Weber & Weber is a highly-respected German-based pharmaceutical manufacturer started in Germany in 1953. Since the company’s founding, it has grown and expanded to the United States. An abstract by Alexander Mauskop, MD is reported in the May, 2000 issue of the journal Headache, Vol. 40; Issue 5; pg. 420

FOR MORE INFORMATION: For more information on Petadolex Butterbur Gelcaps and Weber & Weber, please visit booth 8 at the American Headache Society meeting,


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