Petadolex Can Help Prevent Migraine Headaches

Petadolex comes in several convenient ADULT dosages.

Petadolex has been prescribed by the top neurosurgeons since 1972 and is now widely known to be incredibly effective for preventing and reducing the frequencies of migraines, this truly awesome supplement that contains butterbur extract which naturally assist with the blood vessels in your brain giving you a much better blood flow.

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300x225-PetadolexA Clinical Study: 71% of participants reported that taking two 75mg gels daily cut their migraine attacks IN HALF – so less pain medication is needed less often!

Petadolex® is the only supplement for preventing migraine headaches that has been used for decades by 1,000,000+ sufferers world-wide and people who have taken this supplement long term will not find any adverse problems or side effects whatsoever.

Who should be taking this Supplement: Adults who have regular migraines should take Petadolex as an effective preventative measure to help LOWER THE SEVERITY AND FREQUENCY of their migraine attacks. So if you suffer from one, two or three migraines per month, then it’s time you considered using Petadolex, this dietary supplement containing butterbur is more of a preventative therapy rather than treating your actual migraine attack.

Butterbur Petasites Hybridus: Petadolex contains a natural form of butterbur, which has an exclusive PA-free formulation.

48 complementary other choices including anti-inflammatory and herbal/vitamin preparations were submitted to the American Academy of Neurology and the number 1 choice from all these recommendations was butterbur petasites, this dietary supplement came out top to help reduce the frequency as well as fighting the severity of migraine headaches.

A cautionary note is that not all butterbur is made equal, and most brands contain a liver toxin. Petadolex has been found to be one of the only brands to have manufactured out any harmful toxins making this it the purest and safest on the market.

A Man in bed with a MigraineThe side effects: Very little side affect have been found in 25+ years have discovered from people taking this supplement these side affects consisted primarily of burping and small instances of slight nausea – we at think this makes Petadolex safer than most over the counter, and prescription drugs on the market to date!

How long does Petadolex take to work: Benefits are generally found to work within a few weeks, but this can take two months to show real signs of working – as we have said in earlier paragraphs this is a long term supplement to see its full potential of preventing recurring migraine headaches.

Dosage instructions: Take two (2) easy to swallow gels to be taken daily one with breakfast and one with your evening meal. 60 x gels per bottle is equal to one month supply

Petadolex contains NONE of the following ingredients:

  • NO Trans fats
  • NO Peanuts
  • NO Wheat
  • NO Milk
  • NO Tree nuts
  • NO Shellfish
  • NO Gluten

Migraine supplementation
that spells success.

Petadolex® Gelcaps help

maintain proper muscle tone in cerebral blood vessels.

50 capsules for oral intake.


  • How do I use Petadolex® Gelcaps? Supplementation is 1 gelcap twice daily with meals.

  • How long should Petadolex® Gelcaps be used?
    Supplementation with Petadolex® Gelcaps should be carried out consistently for 4 to 6 months. Discontinue Petadolex® Gelcaps after the initial cycle of four to six months. It will maintain its benefits even after taking it. Resume supplementation with Petadolex® Gelcaps for another four or six month cycle, when the number of migraines begins to increase.
  • Can I change the dosage? The daily oral dosage is 1 gelcap twice daily with meals. Dosage can be increased after 4-8 weeks to 1 gelcap 3 times daily, if required.

  • How long has Petadolex® Gelcaps been around? Petadolex® Gelcaps have been sold in Europe for 26 years. Because there are no known drug interactions, acute therapy can safely accompany Petadolex® Gelcaps supplementation.

Other Ingredients: medium chain triglycerides, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, water, and riboflavin color

Taking Petadolex Gels Daily is the Safest Way to Treat Recurring Migraine Headaches

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