what is pain


What is Pain – Acute and Chronic Pain


Acute pain is a pain that is reversible, which would last for a few hours, days or could even last for weeks, these examples are: fractures, burns to the skin, period post op pain, fractures, headaches and migraine headaches, it actually cause very similar symptoms as that of anxiety, i.e. breathing could be fast and sweating. However, acute pain tends to be self-healing and will eventually take place in its own time.

Many conditions of acute pain, like migraines, headache and post op pain, should take great benefit from using painkillers to relieve the discomfort, whilst healing is taking place.


Chronic pains are mostly persistent and you find they tend to get worse rather than get better; this can last from months to years.

Examples of chronic pain are: illnesses like neuralgia, arthritic-pain, post-herpetic pain and pains after surgery such as phantom limbs. Many people who suffer with chronic pain tend to suffer from depression; treatments for this illness are mainly rest and pure analgesics, which do not have anti-inflammatory properties.

What is Pain? Every day acute pains like headaches, strains and sprains, may warrant some kind of investigation, which are most likely caused by tension, stress, or even infections like tooth decay.